(FRANCE) A Part Magazine - Encore à poil
(SPAIN) DXI Magazine
(SPAIN) Neo2 Magazine
(SPAIN) DXI Magazine 
(ITALY) Decalogue Magazine - The new future / cover

(SPAIN) Neo2 - Lisboa / fashion editorial
(ITALY) Decalogue Magazine - Distopia / cover 
(FRANCE) A Part Magazine - Chrono code
(ITALY) WRPD Magazine

(SPAIN) Fuuucking Young! 
(SPAIN) Neo2 - Vitamin Z / fashion editorial
(SPAIN) DXI Magazine - cover
(SPAIN) Neo2 - Music Steps / fashion editorial

(GERMANY) Blau Art Magazine
(SPAIN) DXI Magazine - cover
(SPAIN) Neo2 - Levi’s
(SPAIN) Neo2 - Candy Ken
(SPAIN) Fuuucking Young! - Berghain fashion editorial
(SPAIN) Pocket Magazine - cover
(SPAIN) DXI magazine - Inner fight
(SPAIN) T Magazine Spain - Pierre Favresse
(SPAIN) Madmen Magazine - Luis Tosar

W Magazine
(GERMANY) Interview Magazine - Fischerspooner
(SPAIN) Neo2 - Error Postscript fashion editorial
(UK) Schön Magazine -Alfonso Bassave #RushandStill
(SPAIN) Madmen Magazine - Javier Camara
(SPAIN) Madmen Magazine - Blanca Portillo

(SPAIN) Neo2 – High Tech Bodies / Nike
(SPAIN) Neo2 – Louis Vuitton / Cruise Collection Fall 2016
Fuuucking Young! – Decoding Concrete (photos and video)
(SPAIN) Neo2 – Dandismo Cheli fashion editorial / cover
(SPAIN) Neo2 – actor Berto Romero
Nakid Magazine – Chromatic fashion editorial
(SPAIN) Rude Magazine – One of the boys / fashion editorial
(UK) Desire Homme – Paperfight / fashion editorial
Nakid Magazine – White Playground
(SPAIN) Neo2 – director Alejandro Amenabar
(SPAIN) Neo2 – actress Nur Levi
(UK) Schön! Magazine – Casey Spooner
(ITALY) Il fatto quotidiano – Isabella Rossellini
(SPAIN) Mad Men Magazine – Dani Rovira (cover)
(UK) Desire Homme – PAPERFIGHT Fashion editorial
(UK) Absolutely Magazine – cover
I-D Assaad Awad interview
(SPAIN) Esquire – Toni Servillo
(UK) Schön! Magazine – The Crystal Fighters
(SPAIN) Mad Men Magazine – Andres Velencoso fashion editorial
(SPAIN) Mad Men Magazine – Leonor Watling fashion editorial + cover
(SPAIN) Mad Men Magazine – Javier Pereira
(UK) Vogue – September Issue
(UK) Sunday Time Style
(UK) Schön! Magazine – Ludovico Einaudi
(SPAIN) NEO2 – Neo2.views (1rst season /video interviews)
(UK) Status Magazine – Color Boom (fashion editorial)
(SPAIN) Lados Magazine – Lady Bowie (fashion editorial)
(UK) Schön! Magazine – Brooke Candy
(UK) Schön! Magazine – Hiro Kurosaki – Painting the silence
(ITALY) Vanity Fair Italy – HB ad
(UK) Schön! Magazine – The importance of being Rossy De Palma
(RUSSIA) Elle - Olay special
Status Magazine – the hipster park (fashion editorial-cover)
(UK) Schön! Magazine – Assaad Awad
(SPAIN) Neo2 – Casey Spooner /Complicit video premiere
The Trip Magazine – Poland /images of a change (reportage)
(ITALY) Il Post – The “8 and an half” of catholicism (reportage)
(UK) Schön! Magazine – Casey Spooner
(ITALY) RollingStone.it – Jay-Jay Johanson
(ITALY) Inside Art – interview
Status Magazine – 2.rooms (fashion editorial)
(UK) Schön! Magazine – Casey Spooner
(ITALY) RollingStone.it – Jay-Jay Johanson
(ITALY) Inside Art – interview
Status Magazine – 2.rooms (fashion editorial)
(UK) Disorder Magazine – Insomnia (fashion session)
(ITALY) Elle Decor– Angeletti Design portrait/ Milano Design Week
(ITALY) Look Magazine – La Femme en noir (fashion session)
(SPAIN) 21 LeMag – Cover (Optica Festival International de Video Arte)
(AUSTRIA) Vanguardist – Late summer/bye baby bye (fashion session)
Status Magazine – Let there be light/L’homme (fashion session)
Fucking Young – Symmetry (fashion session)
(UK) I-D – clone wannabe society ad
(UK) I-D – married wannabe society ad
(CROATIA) Push it Magazine – black gold (fashion session)
(CROATIA) Push it Magazine – when the night comes (fashion session)
(ITALY) Il Messaggero – la fotografia di Vincent Urbani
Cristiano Ronaldo
Zinedine Zidane
Pedro Almodovar
Isabella Rossellini
Rossy De Palma
Toni Servillo
Brooke Candy
Candy Ken
Wesley Sneijder
Mario Vargas Llosa (Nobel Prize in Literature 2010)
Najwa Nimri
Javier Camara
Luis Tosár
Blanca Portillo
Jay-Jay Johanson
Ludovico Einaudi
Agatha Ruiz de la Prada
Miguel Angel Muñoz
Ramón Salazar
Monica Cervera
Hiro Kurosaki
Kishi Bashi
Jeff Barbara
Casey Spooner
Mickael Miro
Klaa-Jan Huntelaar
of Montreal
Skunk Anansie
Pink Martini /Thomas Lauderdale and Storm Large
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